10 Top Health Benefits of a Twist of Lemon with Green Tea

10 Top Health Benefits of a Twist of Lemon with Green Tea

Individually both green tea and lemon are not just delicious but pack a punch with their health benefits. Scientific research over time has revealed that adding lemon to green tea can boost those benefits manifold. Adding a twist of lemon to green tea accelerates the absorption of antioxidants (catechins) by the body, which in turn enhances its immunity and a feeling of wellness. A further study revealed that the lemon juice in green tea aids the retention of antioxidants in the body even post digestion. The next time you reach out for your daily dose of green tea, adding some fresh zingy lemon will enhance its health benefits more than you believed possible! We now know that a twist of lemon with green tea is good for us – but let’s enlist some of the top health benefits of this beverage:

The Zingy Combination of Green Tea with Lemon

“Liquid gold” is the endearing name given to green tea by enthusiasts, given the many health benefits. Adding lemon not only enhances the taste of green tea but also significantly elevates these benefits for our body – instantly making it a drink loaded with Vitamin C. This vitamin is known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. While there are the following significant benefits for our health, it is recommended to check with your doctor before adding/increasing the consumption of anything, especially if you are on medication.

Drink up Health – Lemon with Green Tea

1. Aids Digestion

The citrus juice makes the antioxidants (catechins) present in green tea, more easily accessible to the body, enabling quicker absorption by up to six times. Lemon in your green tea can also hasten the assimilation of iron, got from foods, by the body. Sipping a cup of this delicious tea, after a heavy meal, can significantly improve digestion and gut health, and help to regulate the body’s metabolism.

2. Balances PH Levels

Consuming lemon with green tea keeps the body’s PH levels at the optimal count. The lemon ‘cuts out’ the excess acidity in the body. It also cuts down the amount of uric acid present in the joints, which helps to reduce which is the primary cause of joint pains. The lemon increases and balances the alkalinity of the blood and gut, which increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals present in food and also keeps the digestive tract healthy.

3. Detoxifies the Body

Green tea with lemon cleanses the system when had on an empty stomach. It helps the body to rid itself of toxins and relieve the bowel of waste, which in turn reduces bloating and constipation, leaving the body feeling light and energetic.

4.  Enhances the Health of the Liver and Lowers Blood Pressure

This beverage also acts as a diuretic – releasing toxin build-up in the liver and increasing bile production, which is necessary to break down fats and ensure that your digestive system is working optimally. As a diuretic, green tea with lemon rids the body of excess sodium and water – excess water can cause bloating and thinning of the blood, while excess sodium raises blood. This beverage, when consumed regularly, can repair damaged liver cells while boosting the growth of new cells.

5. Promotes Skin and Hair Wellness

Green tea with lemon is a treasure trove of antioxidants, vitamins, and astringent properties. All these are extremely necessary for healthy skin and hair. The antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic properties rejuvenate the skin while protecting it from infections. The anti-inflammatory properties combat acne, eczema, and pimples, and promote overall skin wellness. Vitamin C accelerates hair growth and health, giving it a shiny and lustrous appeal.

6.  Accelerated Wound Healing and Protective Properties

The enhanced Vitamin C with the addition of lemon helps to heal wounds faster, while also protecting bones and teeth. Lemon contains bioflavonoids that retard the growth and spread of cancerous cells, while the antioxidants provide relief from arthritic pains by reducing inflammation.

7. Alleviates Symptoms of Cold and Flu

Both green tea and lemon support the immune system of the body, which builds the body’s resistance to illness and thus prevents colds and the flu. This beverage also helps to alleviate the symptoms of cold and flu, and hence when you do have the ‘sniffles’, consuming this hot beverage throughout the day can provide relief. Get well soon! 😊

8. Soothes Migraine Headaches

The vibrant and refreshing aroma of lemon and the huge amounts of antioxidants help to relieve and soothe the symptoms of migraines. The polyphenols in this beverage remove harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation.

9. Regulation of Blood Sugar

The combination of green tea and lemon improves the production of insulin by the pancreas while balancing the hormones in the body. This ensures that there are no sudden and instant spikes in blood sugar levels, especially in people already suffering from diabetes. Further, green tea extracts and lemon juice regulate metabolism and appetite, while also maintaining optimal glucose levels in the blood.

10. Assuages Anxiety and Depression

Green tea with lemon is chockful of tannins, flavonoids, copper, and potassium. All these properties boost brain health by promoting the effective transmission of nerve impulses, which in turn increases energy, mental alertness, and memory, and promotes a good mood. All this helps to dull the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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The combination of green tea with a twist of lemon is a powerhouse of health benefits and essentially a goldmine of nutrition, literally in the palm of your hands. You could add a dash of mint or a pinch of cinnamon or a sprinkling of pepper to add that extra zest and relish to this awesome beverage. All of these other ingredients too pack a punch in terms of nutrients and overall health benefits. If you get the nod from your doctor to include this beverage in your diet, you can be sure to see some visible positive changes in your body. May health be with you and your loved ones!

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