5 Best Download Managers For Your Android Phone

5 Best Download Managers For Your Android Phone

People think Download Managers are only used on Laptops and PCs, but your Android Phone also needs a Download Manager when you have decided to download files in bulk. You can download a single file without noticing the download speed, but you only realize the download speed when downloading files in the majority. So when things are downloaded in bulk, seeing a low rate on the download accelerator is the worst feeling ever.

No user wants to wait for a file to get downloaded late when his internet connection is also good. If your internet speed is low, you are already prepared for being late. However, when your internet’s speed is high, and you see the slow pace on the download accelerator, you get disappointed because your file takes time to get downloaded. People use Download Managers to avoid this mess. These Download Managers are available freely on the internet.

People first find the Download Manager that fulfils their needs. Suppose I am addicted to using Internet Download Manager on my Laptop while others use Orbit Download Manager for downloading purposes. I can never be comfortable with Orbit Download Manager because I am addicted to using Internet Download Manager. No matter how many upgrades the Orbit Download Manager shows, I’ll only be comfortable with the Internet Download Manager. So that’s a bit of a mind game a user faces when he tries a new Download Manager. This article will resolve this issue forever.

5 Best Download Managers For Your Android Phone

So here is the list of the 5 Best Download Managers you can use on your Android Phones to get the best downloading speed. Every app has its characteristics, but there is something extraordinary in one app. So here is the list:

  1. Advanced Download Manager
  2. Internet Download Manager
  3. Aria2App
  4. Turbo Download Manager
  5. Easy Downloader Pro

These are the 5 Download Managers you can use on your Android Phone to download any file you need. I’ll explain the PROS and CONS of using these Download Managers. You’ll find the suitable Download Manager after knowing the full features of these apps.

Advanced Download Manager

The first Download Manager on our list is Advanced Download Manager. This is the only app you need to install on your Android Phone to download any file from the web. You can even download videos from different platforms. People only consider a Download Manager whose downloading is limited to YouTube, but Advanced Download Managers cover almost every platform where videos are uploaded. You aren’t just limited to YouTube. If your videos are uploaded on any other platform, Advanced Download Manager has enabled them to download on your Android Phone.

When we dig deep into its other features, we’ve got plenty of things to explore. The first feature I’d like to mention is its downloading speed. A Download Manager is only considered well when it provides the maximum downloading speed. If you have an internet connection whose downloading speed reaches 20 MB/s, downloading a file through any Download Manager whose speed only reaches 5 MB/s is the worst feeling ever. Your Download Manager has to provide the full speed you expect.

Advanced Download Manager allows you to download 3 files in one term. That’s a bit of a disappointment for people who download files in bulk. Suppose I have to download 10 videos from YouTube. What will I do when Advanced Download Manager only gives the option of 3 downloads per term? So people who have to download files in bulk have to be patient.

Internet Download Manager

The 2nd Download Manager on our list is Internet Download Manager (IDM). You might be wondering why I mentioned it on the 2nd spot when IDM is considered the Best Download Manager of all time. So remember, I am listing the Best Download Managers for your Android Phone, and IDM lacks Android phone features. It is the Best Download Manager for Laptops and PCs, but its features can’t compete with Advanced Download Manager on Android Phones. That’s why I listed it on the 2nd spot.

When we IDM’s features, we have also got plenty of them. The first feature I’d like to mention is its infinite downloading limit. Suppose I want to download 20 files from a website. That file could be a PDF or Spreadsheet. IDM allows downloading those 20 files in less than no time. So no download limit is applied to you when downloading files in bulk through IDM.

IDM also gives the option to download files from WhatsApp APK or Messenger. Some people also share files on WhatsApp Plus and Messenger or any other conversation app where files are shared. You can use this IDM to download everything from these apps.


Aria2App is the 3rd Download Manager on our list, allowing the Torrent Files to get downloaded. Advanced Download Manager or Internet Download Manager doesn’t enable Torrent Files, but Aria2App works on dual forms. You can download the Direct and Torrent Files with ease through Aria2App. The Aria2App also applies no limit. If downloading files in bulk is your need, then Aria2App doesn’t disappoint because it provides the maximum speed on every file you download.

There are many more features to discuss on Aria2App. If I start talking about them here, I’ll have to write a n essay for this. If you want to read its report, you must visit this resource to read the paper written on Aria2App. Your question is already answered on that page, so don’t forget to see it if you have considered Aria2App in your mind.

Turbo Download Manager

The 4th Download Manager on our list is the Turbo Download Manager. We have got many features to discuss while exploring the Turbo Download Manager, but the best part I’d like to mention first is its downloading history. People who forget the destination from where they downloaded a file must use Turbo Download Manager because it provides the account from where you downloaded the file.

If you can easily download the previously deleted files, what more do you expect from this Turbo Download Manager? Also, there is no downloading limit. You can download files in bulk while doing the rest of your work. The downloading process can be completed in the background, and you can do your other necessary work on your Android Phone. So Turbo Download Manager is comfortable with every way you run it.

Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro is the best Download Manager for people who want proper settings. Many people have messed up their download folders with multiple files, but Easy Downloader Pro cleans this mess for you. Easy Downloader Pro has made separate folders for every file. If you have downloaded any APK file through Easy Downloader Pro, its destination would be “APK” within Easy Downloader Pro’s folder. The developers provide such proper settings. It becomes more accessible for people to look for the necessary files in a particular folder.

Final Words

So these were the 5 Best Download Managers For Your Android Phone. Every Download Manager has 1 beautiful feature which attracts users. If you have questions about these Download Managers, drop a comment in our website’s comments section. We’d love to help you on this topic.

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