5+ ways to surprise on your first wedding anniversary

5+ ways to surprise on your first wedding anniversary

The first anniversary is the most special for all couples. Time flies during the honeymoon phase of your marriage, and you suddenly realize that it has been a year since this blissful journey started! Like most couples, you are probably searching for a way to make your first wedding anniversary special. There are so many possibilities that you may not be ready to settle on one. So we have put together 30 of our best ideas to get your creative juices flowing for celebrating the first anniversary. 

Anniversary coming up and not sure what to do for your spouse? Those watches and bouquets and regular gifts are too common. Instead, here are 5 fun ways you can surprise your spouse on your first wedding anniversary.

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1.   Plan a dreamy date

Surprise your spouse by planning a dreamy date under the starry skies. Have everything ready and maybe send out a formal invitation to them to make it look more authentic. If they are not the outdoorsy person, you could also plan a date to relive your first date. Go to the exact same places you went to, relive your journey and refresh your memory with the firsts in your relationship: your first kiss, first hug, first time he proposed, first dinner date, etc. Going down the memory lane with your spouse is always a lovely surprise.

2.   Write a love letter

How long has it been since you last expressed your love? Quite a while, we assume. Then use this anniversary as an opportunity to remind them of all that you feel for them. Gift them a beautiful hand-written love letter and let your feelings pour out. Also be prepared to see a tear or two in their eyes as they read it. You could also write them a poem or read out something for them that best expresses all the love and care in your heart for them.

3.  Turn the bedroom into a massage parlour

Routine life is a constant rush and that is why one needs to occasionally halt to take a breather. Make this anniversary relaxing and refreshing for your spouse by giving them this lovely surprise. Turn your bedroom into a serene and peaceful massage parlour. Light some scented candles, dim the lights, get fragrance essential oils and help them relax as you lovingly do your part being their masseuse. Of course, things could end differently, and that sort of a happy ending will be much appreciated.

4.  Renew your vows and rekindle your love

Many couples view their anniversary to renew their vows. Remember the vows you took during your Wedding Rings Hatton Garden ceremony and think if you’d want to make any changes in them, pledge something new to your partner based on all the time you have spent together and all the experiences you have been together till now. It will surely be a sentimental moment, as the vow to love them forever is one that should be taken not one day but every day.

5.  Have a naughty night-out

Here’s a fun and raunchy idea. Add a little exciting role-play to your routine life this anniversary. Plan a naughty night-out in a hotel. Send them an invitation card and wait for them there in a sexy lingerie. Decorate the room to resemble something straight out of a playboy magazine with lubes, sex toys and other fun things to experiment with. Give them a night to remember.

6. Make a Gift 

Few things are more special than something you make out of your hand. Be it a quilt or a little pen-stand made out of wood, a gift made by your own hands is always treasured. It’s even more special if you pick up some woodworking or artistry skill just to make them that present! 

7. Renew Your Vows

Renewing vows is a wonderful way to express how you feel about each other. It need not be like your wedding with a priest present at the event; you can also do it privately or with family and friends. A fun idea would be to re-word your vows or to include new and witty ones that sum up your marriage! 

8. Recreate Your First Date

If you’re like all couples who have dated for years, then recreating the first date would be an outstanding idea for the first anniversary. Pick the same spot and throw in a bit of pretend play to make it fun. Meet wearing the same kind of clothes and treat each other as if it’s the first time. 

Final thoughts

Make sure to take your spouse’s preferences into consideration before planning anything. For instance, if they’re the indoor-type then planning a camping or trekking date to gift them hatton garden diamonds won’t be much fun. Its always nice to do something that will most certainly be enjoyed by your spouse too. So, all the best and happy anniversary!

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