7 Effective Frameworks for Java Development in 2022

7 Effective Frameworks for Java Development in 2022

Whenever one sees some prominent websites, including LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, and others, companies wonder which language they use. Today, almost 50 million websites use Java as their primary writing language. Recently, Java celebrated its 25th anniversary and still rules the software industry. 

Java 18 is the most latest and stable release rolled out in March 2022. Five design principles of Java:

  1. Simple and Object oriented
  2. Secure
  3. Platform agnostic
  4. Excellent performance
  5. Should be dynamic and execute ‘Threaded’ programming pattern

Java is an all-rounder which provides excellent applications in cloud computing, machine learning projects, Android, and big data. But when it comes to web development, nothing beats Java. Frameworks are generally tools featuring pre-written code that work as templates or skeletons. Companies can easily reuse this to create an application by just filling in the code as required. Learn everything about Java development here.


Experts offering Java development services say Spring is one of the most powerful frameworks that makes Java easy to use. The framework is famous for its simplicity, speed, and productivity, which help create an excellent level of web applications seamlessly.

Features of Spring

  • People can quickly build any web application they imagine using Spring’s flexible and comprehensive third-party libraries.
  • They can start a new spring project in seconds, and there is a quick shutdown and optimized start-up execution by default.
  • Spring offers a lightweight container that can be triggered without any web application server.
  • Provides excellent compatibility and testability for the project.


It’s a tremendous full-stack Java framework based on the MVC design pattern. It is easy to learn and surely suitable for beginners. The framework is an object-oriented language that improves productivity to a great extent.

Features of the framework:

  • Easy to create tags for the view
  • In-built support
  • Best suitable for quick development
  • Configuration features are perfect; one doesn’t need to restart the server.

Google web toolkit

Experts offering web application development say that the google web toolkit is one of the most prominent open-source Java frameworks used by many developers globally for optimizing and building complex browser-based applications. The framework is famous for its productive development of complex web applications without being professional in front-end technologies, including JavaScript.

  1. Developer friendly besides open source
  2. Easily create optimized web applications
  3. Compile the Java source code in JavaScript files.

Java server faces

It is one of the Best Java Frameworks for Web Development and a free web application framework. Oracle technology maintains it, simplifying the building of user interfaces for server-side applications. 

The Java server faces an element-based framework encapsulating different client-side technologies and focusing on the presentation layer.

Features of java server faces:

  • Rich libraries and reusable UI
  • Helps in improving productivity and consistency.
  • Easy front-end tools
  • Provides an API to represent besides managing the UI components.


It is a stable and lightweight Java framework that can easily communicate with all the databases and is quite flexible while working with different databases. It is pretty fun to work with hibernates. Companies can use powerful APIs and other tools, including wizards and mapping.

  • Lightweight and is also quick to scale up, configure and modify.
  • Challenging data manipulation with minimum coding
  • Better productivity and portability
  • Best command-line tools and plugins to ensure a pleasant experience.


Play is a unique framework that makes it easy to build a web application using Java and follows the convention over configuration approach; it is based on web-friendly stateless and lightweight architecture. Moreover, it provides minimal resource consumption for an extensive scalable modern mobile web application.

Features of play:

  • Better performance
  • Reactive principles
  • Can easily catch all the errors during the compile, saves time for all the mistakes in the early stages.
  • Quick and easy reload for all the changes in the configuration.


Wicket is a simple Java web framework featuring a component-oriented structure. Companies need to have a basic knowledge of Java and HTML. The main feature of the wicket is the POJO model, where elements are simple. The pieces come bundled together as a reusable package.

These Java frameworks are companies’ best bet if they want to develop a fantastic or reliable web application. These frameworks offer flexibility and can meet business requirements while providing optimum efficiency. Companies can choose some frameworks for this list and get going!


Even with so many modern programming languages emerging in the web development space, Java is still one of the most reliable and robust programming languages to build complex web applications. Their team constantly keeps fixing any security leaks that the community points out.

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