7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Custom Shirt Boxes

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Custom Shirt Boxes

You can do several things to improve your custom shirt boxes design. You should consider several factors, including the size, color, fonts, inserts, and more. Follow these tips to make your custom t-shirt boxes stand out from the competition. Once your design is finalized, you should communicate with your designer to get feedback from key stakeholders. You should also run the design by key stakeholders and non-related people. A fresh pair of eyes can find things you didn’t.


Custom shirt boxes are an excellent way to present a shirt to your clients. They are an excellent way to showcase your shirts and help you connect emotionally with your customers. Custom Shirt Boxes helps you build brand value, attract new customers, and retain your existing ones. The box is an opportunity to place your logo prominently so that your brand will stand out and be memorable. Here are some tips for choosing custom shirt boxes:

First, consider what your product will look like in your Shirt Boxes. A large plastic window will provide a clear view of the product if you’re selling a shirt. Custom printed shirt boxes can include important information about your products, such as color, size, and brand. Often, customers will choose a brand based on the packaging they get, so make sure your boxes look good! You can also choose different sizes of custom shirt boxes to accommodate different products, including shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies.


wholesale shirt boxes is very important for a brand’s image and colors make a big difference in custom shirt boxes. Work with packaging experts to make your packaging unique and stand out from competitors. Those with expertise in packaging will provide tips and tricks for selecting color schemes. Adding graphics to the packaging will also add realism to the entire package. In addition, you can have experienced professionals create your graphics for you.

When you create a design for your custom shirt boxes, use design software. Adobe Illustrator is a popular choice for creating logos and graphics for print. When designing your custom shirt boxes, you should avoid designing them in RGB color mode, as the results could be very different from the finished product. To solve this issue, use CMYK color mode, or convert the design to CMYK.


The font you choose for your custom shirt box can make or break your design. Fonts are a set of characters or the complete alphabet. Some are thicker and chunkier than others, but all are important for creating a consistent look. While bold and thick fonts may be more readable on hard surfaces, they lose their impact on t-shirts. You can make a statement about your brand with fonts, but it is important to know the proper use of each typeface for your custom shirt box.

Choose a font that is appropriate for the subject of your shirt boxes wholesale Some of the most popular options include the Typewriter font, which has wiggly edges and double lines, and Pinwheel Dots, which hides silly faces in the letters. Other fonts are simple, with a few lines, while others are more modern and elegant. One option that may be suitable for your custom shirt box is the Thin Girl font, which is thin-tipped and tall. This font is more modern and has a more casual feel but will likely take up a lot of vertical space.


There are many ways to enhance your custom shirt boxes. Adding extras like custom inserts can boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Here are a few examples. Inserts can include tissue paper, straws, or cards thanking customers for their purchase. They also make the unboxing process more exciting for customers. They can help match products to customers. You can even customize the inserts to include your logo.

You can customize the inserts to include a promotional flyer or coupon. This way, you can make a lasting impression on customers and secure their business for life. Custom inserts also give you more space for text and other graphics. Custom inserts will increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. When choosing the inserts for your custom shirts, consider the size and shape of the items you are shipping.


If you’re struggling to make a design decision, there are some things you can do to make the final product look better. The first thing to do is consider the size of the shirts you’re sending. A large size is going to look great, but a small size won’t be quite as flattering. For a smaller size, consider a youth small. The width should be about ten inches. You can adjust the height of the boxes as well, but you’ll find the final product will be more than just a standard size.

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