Applications of access control systems

Applications of access control systems

As an organization grows, the need to keep all the data, documents, and restricted areas increases. Not only do you need to keep the premise or your building secured, but you must also be ready for an audit. 

This is why access control systems are a viable solution. A cloud-based system is an effective option because it helps you keep a watchful eye on who accesses that particular area and simultaneously improves the overall security of the premise. Moreover, it enables the organization to maintain a proper record of all the people who accessed the premises. 

By installing such a tech solution in your office, you can take advantage of a cloud-based system with locks and other equipment to make physical checkpoints in the office. 

While installing such a system may have an installation cost, you would need lesser security personnel, in the long run, enabling the organization to save money. An overall access system is not only required in large conglomerates or corporations but is relevant for many industries. 

Applications and usability of access systems are in place like:


You will be surprised to know that security breaches are the second leading cause of any security violation in a hospital or healthcare industry. By incorporating these systems, a healthcare organization can monitor building areas containing sensitive information related to employees, certain medicines, or equipment. Moreover, if there are high-security risk patients in the hospital, controlled access will ensure a proper record of whoever visited that area or the patient. 


Government offices often contain sensitive information and essential members’ work. So, they need to consider installing controlled access systems. It ensures that non-essential personnel do not get access to a particular office area above their pay grade. In addition, in case of any audit or mishap, the government agency will have a proper record of all the people who entered the area.

Data centers

Data centers like server rooms contain essential information about an organization. It is crucial to restrict its entry and only allow the necessary or assigned personnel access. It ensures that the information does not fall into the wrong hands or is not misused. 

Multi-tenant housing building

In a housing building with multiple tenants, there are various sections of the building that must be controlled. For instance, maintaining access to areas such as the bar, spa, pool, and gym ensures that no one outside the building can use these amenities. Furthermore, in case anything goes missing, or you need to charge the tenants for the extras, controlling these areas’ access enables you to monitor the visitors. 

Educational sectors

A university or a school campus is like an open field because thousands of people come at different times of the day. Keeping track of the students and staff on a large campus can become challenging. It is easy to create a nuisance on the campus if entry to certain areas is not controlled. Moreover, it could become an easy target for unwanted visitors, thieves, and people with malicious intent. 

Whether pre-nursery or university, taking the best security measures is not bad. For instance, it is a good idea to restrict areas of the campus like the staff room, server room, storage facility, auditorium, swimming pool, gymnasium, and library. Installing access control systems will add an extra layer of security to the campus. 

So, these are some industries or sectors where the application of controlled entry systems makes sense. However, the list is not exclusive as an organization may need these systems per their needs. 

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