Benefits of online live sessions against in-person tutoring 

Benefits of online live sessions against in-person tutoring 

The covid-19 pandemic changed the way we conduct school and college studies forever. It also impacted the corporate work culture significantly. Since schools and colleges were shut down, institutions had to resort to alternate education means. Online courses replaced in-person offline classes, and online assessments replaced class tests. Suddenly, the entire educational infrastructure became dependent on an electronic screen. During this time, a new method of learning emerged. It is the method of online live sessions or online tutoring. It is a certain type of learning where the distance between needful students and talented tutors does not matter.   

Although there were plenty of complaints about how online live sessions have degraded the educational quality, there is merit to them.   

Cherie Mazer, a researcher, did research on best practices in live sessions and online tutoring. She conducted this research among students of a US-based teaching company. Her findings were as follows: 

  • 96% of students felt that their online teaching service had helped them complete their homework   
  • 96% of students felt that their online tutoring service was helping them improve their grades   
  • 97% of students felt that their online teaching service helped them gain more confidence in their homework.  

Research shows and proves that the benefits of online live sessions go beyond the traditional ones. Good educators use the same research-based methods used by personal educators.  

While offline teaching has its own merits, live sessions have some qualities that offline classes do not possess.   

Cost of Live Sessions 

One of the biggest advantages online live sessions have over in-person teaching is the cost. Online coaching comes at student-friendly rates when taken from a reliable service provider like TutorBin. Moreover, there are no additional costs in online tutoring. Therefore, you can expect lower costs.   

Of course, the rule about costs is not absolute. Different service providers can go for different price ranges. However, the usual rates of online tutoring in the US can range from USD 25 / hour to $75 / hour.   

What are the benefits of online Live Sessions versus personal teaching? 

Online teaching offers many benefits to schools that use this model for their students. It is believed that the following makes online teaching an excellent opportunity for students to learn and grow. It is known to suit students the most because it takes students’ lifestyles into account.   

1. The flexibility of time and place 

Online teaching is possible at any time and is possible regardless of location. You can find instructors who are available at all times of the day in various time zones. Some educational forums are even public 24/7. This allows planning and location to be no longer a problem. 

Online sessions also ensure that students can choose the most comfortable time and space to study. It will lead to more productive and enriching study sessions.   

2. Online Live Sessions Give Access to trained professionals 

The beauty of online tutoring is access to professionals in fields that may not be available on your institution’s campus. Depending on your needs, you may find instructors knowledgeable in specific curriculum areas or specific needs of your content that your students may be struggling with.  

Access to qualified professionals enables online teaching to change the game in schools that need some external support for their students. 

3. Personalized teaching in Live sessions 

Online teaching allows schools and parents to find teachers who can make learning a genuinely personal student. While private education can offer you the same, online instruction, as mentioned above, allows you to find instructors who can be more specific about the topics where students struggle. 

Schools will want to prioritize online teaching for their most needy students. Students with a variety of backgrounds, needs, and resources will be able to take advantage of 1: 1 online tutoring. 

Online teaching is empowering because it allows students to take their lessons. They can browse instructor profiles and make their own decisions based on their needs. This promotes self-confidence and ownership over their learning! This is one of the best ways of Hw help there can be.

4. Enriching Doubt Clearing in Live Sessions 

Another benefit of online tutoring against in-person teaching is the unfiltered doubt-clearing sessions. In classroom teaching, the unfavorable student-teacher ratio hampers the individual learning quality. Online tutoring ensures that all your doubts are cleared step-by-step because the experts can take their time in slowly and methodically breaking down your problems. You also have the liberty to take your own time to understand the doubts at your own pace.   

In conclusion, there are many advantages to Live sessions over in-person teaching. These advantages range from the flexibility of costs, time, and space to the quality of the learning. There are many good service providers of live sessions available on the internet. You can choose from websites like TutorBin, Chegg, MyAssignmentHelp, etc. However, one can only take good advantage of live sessions when they connect with reliable service providers. 

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