Best Window Coverings For Tall Windows

Best Window Coverings For Tall Windows

If your only concern is to cover windows no matter how they look in end, then choosing a window covering is very simple and easy. In case you want proper finishing then it is very messy. There are many as enough things that need attention.

You need to cover every aspect of your interior. You have to figure out all needs of your interior, from design changes to all the problems you are facing in. Almost all the décor-related issues and other common problems are sorted by choosing a window covering right according to the dimensions of the windows.

We are going to cover the tall windows here. We will brief all the possible solutions for the tall windows. Tall windows provide a great and better outside view of the outside as well as create a sense of wider and bigger space.

Tall windows also have many and much more drawbacks as compared to small windows. Due to their big size, there will be more light and more breaches of privacy. Hence, maintaining privacy and managing a reasonable amount of light is hard and even more hard if you have a bad window covering for tall windows. So a good sync window covering like window blinds or curtains must cope with all this.

Let’s have a quick but handy exploration of window coverings for tall windows. Note: All these are our observations and recommendations.

Curtains And Draperies

They are top players when there are tall windows. There are many reasons but we only cover those that are enough. Curtains and drapes are one of the oldest window coverings, still manage to retain their places as luxurious and demanding window coverings outclassing all other modern-day window coverings.

The design is quite similar in both coverings. The differences began to show up when we go down to size and fabric options. Drapes are more thickly constructed as compared to curtains, hence look much more luxurious.

As tall windows are our concern so a question arises, how and why these coverings are better for tall windows? The first reason is the way they cover the whole window. No matter whether ready-made or custom-made they are going to look well.

Both these coverings hang from above the sill of the window by a metal rod. Drapes are even touching the floor and even can be customized to have more length to enjoy a puddling effect.

They cover the window so well that they can provide impressive privacy alongside a mature control over managing light.

Both these options are much more expensive than other modern-day coverings. The reason for this is quite logical and fair, the reason is the high-end fabrics. Drapes and curtains are mostly made out of natural and high-end fabrics like cotton, silk, and velvet as the top mentions.

Roman Shades

If in case you didn’t like the design or some more things about curtains or drapes. In case you want a window covering that can install on the window sill or strickly across the tall window. Then you probably look out for roman shades. 

Instead of the left-right movement of curtains and drapes, roman shades have an up and down mechanism, which is extremely impressive and sleek. Roman shades have a single panel of fabric that is threaded by cords or strings in such a way that it creates a loop that allows the fabric to fold up and flat down.

Roman shades have a huge variety to choose from. They have traditional look so for many they are the right one for their living rooms or bedrooms. The fabric options in roman shades are also impressive. From natural to synthetic. This is where the price varies the most.

Usually, roman shades are not that budget-friendly but the class and sleekness they provide especially to the tall window deserve the money.

Vertical Blinds

Finally, the main player headed to the game. We are covering window coverings here and if there, is not a window blinds option then it is not fair from my point of view. The functionality leads window blinds to one of the top and hottest window coverings in the world.

Vertical blinds are like gems in the window blinds family. They got the name vertical because they have vertical slats instead of horizontal ones. The change in the direction of the slats of window blinds brings different outcomes.

The fact they are vertical they become a top consideration for tall windows. The sleekness is the main reason behind all this. Vertical blinds can sync in the tall window way better than other window coverings.

They look much more maturely finished than others. And most importantly they didn’t just stop yet here because they are one of the cheapest window coverings here today.

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