7 Ways to Develop Confidence in Your Abilities and Peruse Your Dreams

7 Ways to Develop Confidence in Your Abilities and Peruse Your Dreams

For us human beings, dreams are our identity. That’s why when you achieve your dreams, your identity is validated. This type of validation comes with a sense of security, confidence, and self-esteem.

Many of us fail to invest in our dreams because of a lack of confidence. Sometimes, the odds can be against us, and other times, low self-esteem creates an emotional barrier that keeps us from perusing our dreams.

Without confidence, you cannot achieve anything in life. The other day I was watching Jerry McGuire online, thanks to my fast Cox Ultimate Internet Speed, and thought to myself, if Jerry didn’t have the confidence, he could never have quit his job and achieved his dream. If you have a burning desire to realize your dreams but low self-esteem seems to be the hurdle, here are some strategies to build confidence:

1: Become More Self Aware

Many of us fail to realize that we have all the strength we need to guide us through life. All that’s needed of us is to understand ourselves. Nobody is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Being weak at something shouldn’t define your ability to succeed.

Becoming more self-aware gives you the confidence you need to tap into your strengths and get on the road to achieving.

2: Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is a silent killer. Many haven’t perused their dreams because they have the “what if this doesn’t work out?” thought process.

Never be afraid to try out new things. Even if you fail, that’s ok. The longer you mull over little details, the more self-confidence you lose. Once you have made up your mind to achieve something, take a deep breath, stop second-guessing yourself, and get on the road to achieving your dreams.

3: Take the Praise of Others

People struggling with self-esteem tend to put themselves down. Sometimes, even if someone tells your idea is great, there is a little voice inside your head that says “I can do better?” Well, of course, it’s possible, but you are already doing everything you can.

Instead of focusing on the negative focus on the positive. Acknowledge the encouragement provided by others. Pat yourself on the back too and keep on working hard to enhance your ideas.

4: Be Empowered By Your Choices

Never be embarrassed by your dreams or your choices. Trust your gut. Even if the world says you can’t do it, prove them wrong.

No matter what the field of life, you are likely to receive criticism from others. Take everything one day at a time. Follow the right approach to digest criticism. Consider it as feedback but don’t let it question your abilities. This is done by being empathic towards yourself. Own your choices and even mistakes. Don’t allow the opinions of others to put you down.

5: Say Hello to Persistence

Having the potential to do things or achieve more doesn’t mean anything unless you are persistent in your actions. Put your potential to test by taking action. And if you fail once or even twice, don’t give up. In fact, don’t give up until you reach your goal. During the journey, you will learn and grow in ways you never fathomed.

Having a vision and the potential to achieve that vision is great, but you also need the persistence to move forward. That’s when all the good things happen.

6: Accept Disapproval

It is said that if you don’t have haters, you are doing something wrong. So, it’s totally fine to have people who disprove you. Leave them alone and let them disprove you. Don’t ever try to please them.

If you waste your time and energy pleasing those who disprove you, you will head nowhere in life.

7: Take Refuge in Your Support System

Sometimes, giving yourself the pep talk to move forward and stay persistent is not enough. You need positive people to help you grow. Building a great support system comes a long way in withering any type of storm.

These people could be your parents, honest friends, siblings, mentors, teachers, and more. It’s also recommended to develop a network of achievers. Spending time with them or merely even sipping a cup of coffee with them can offer so many valuable insights.


Building self-confidence takes time. The process is definitely not like calling Cox customer support number and getting your problem solved quickly. It’s a long journey and you will make some mistakes along the way but that’s ok. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep on moving forward!

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