Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Without Plugin – Best Options

Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Without Plugin – Best Options

As great marketing trends emerged, brands, companies, and marketers began using these tactics in their marketing campaigns to increase their company profitability.

The most liked and result driven of all tactics is adding social media feeds to the website because of its outstanding advantages.

Instagram’s significance is unavoidable when discussing social media networks. Instagram is a photo-sharing website with a rather vibrant and active presence. To further enjoy the advantages of this approach, you can embed Instagram feeds in WordPress website.

A social media plugin is what users typically utilize if you’re wondering how Instagram feeds can be integrated into a WordPress website.

What if we, however, told you that there is a way in which you can easily embed Instagram feed on WordPress without using plugin.

We’re indicating Instagram aggregators for websites. There is a tonne of Instagram aggregators available online that provide incredible features and carry out the necessary tasks more effectively.

We’ll discuss the top WordPress aggregators in this post, so you can embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Let’s get going!

A Few Responsive Tools For Embedding Instagram Feed On Your WordPress Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is at the top of the list. You may gather, curate, and embed content on a variety of marketing touchpoints, such as websites, using the highly responsive social media aggregation platform Taggbox Widget.

While aggregating the desired content, you can choose the connection type. You have a choice of usernames, hashtags, etc.

Taggbox is a fantastic platform that provides its users with a variety of helpful tools to improve the appearance of the Instagram widget.

Users can enhance the widget’s appeal and attractiveness by selecting from a range of themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and other settings using the customization tool.

Any undesired or inappropriate content that could damage the widget’s reputation can be removed using the advanced content moderation panel.

Analytics is crucial for understanding the widget’s performance. As a result, Taggbox Widget gives users the opportunity to learn more and monitor the widget’s effectiveness. They can learn about total impressions, total clicks, and other significant figures.

Additionally, the platform’s active back-end support team helps users if they experience any technical problems or other problems while the tool is aggregating and embedding the Instagram content.

2. Snap Widget

Another excellent tool for building beautiful and functional widgets is Snap Widget. All screen sizes are supported by the developed widget.

You may use the tool to use advanced statistics to acquire thorough insights into how well your Instagram widget is performing overall.

Similar to the other tools listed above, this tool also gives users a variety of customization choices to improve the widget’s appearance.

Regarding updates, the tool’s free edition provides one every 15 minutes. Every five minutes, the pro version updates its content. You must upgrade to this version if you want to select your connection type when aggregating the content.

3. Instagram’s authorized embedding option

Another option to embed Instagram feeds on WordPress websites is one that Instagram itself provides for its users. Redirecting to the post, click the three dots, choose the embed option, copying the embed code, paste it into the website’s backend, and you’re done! The Instagram widget was successfully incorporated into your website.

Since it does not provide as much functionality as the tools indicated above, this procedure has significant limitations. Additionally, this option does not allow adding feeds all at once, which makes it a very time-consuming and demanding procedure.

4. Light Widget

Light Widget is another fantastic and responsive platform that enables you to embed Instagram feeds on WordPress blogs.

To entice visitors to your website, you can design an eye-catching widget using Light Widget. To fit your preferred screen size, the widget can be customized and generated.

A grid, column, or slideshow are all possible ways to display the widget. With the tool, you can also apply custom CSS to the widget, which is completely editable.

You can choose Instagram posts using the filtering functionality of the tool. In addition, embedding is a straightforward process. In the backend of your website, all you have to do is copy and paste the produced embed code.

Final Words

Using a WordPress plugin is not the only way out to embed Instagram feeds on your website. We’ve come to the end of the blog, and you now know exactly what the greatest tools are for the job.

Now that you are fully informed, all you need to do is select the ideal tool, and you’re ready to go!

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