Golden Triangle India– Why it Is Worth Visiting

Golden Triangle India– Why it Is Worth Visiting

Golden Triangle India:

A golden triangle tour as it appears on the map is an ultimate three city trip in India. To understand the culture and life of the nation, these cities are the ideal stopover for a tourist, especially the national capital Delhi, the best blend of culture and history Jaipur and the pride of India, Agra. India’s three most remote destinations are called the Golden Triangle India because it merges different cultures, cuisines, traditions, living all in one and can be a sum total of the beauty that India hides within itself- same. Let’s know Golden Triangle India– why it is worth visiting.

If someone is new to the country and has a week’s time, these three destinations would be the best ones one can cover. Also, confused what to do here, and where to go. than you can consult to a tour company. The Four Wheel Drive India is the best tour company. Who will guide you where to go and where stay. Also, what is best sightseeing tour during your Golden
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Why it Is Worth Visiting: Golden Triangle India


This trip is more or less for people and travelers who are only looking for adventure, this trip is a trip of richness and beauty of Indian culture. However, we are not completely lost, there are a few activities you could try your hand at. In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, stands an ingrained and extremely huge fort, namely Amber Fort. The fort offers activities like zip line and, also a duration of about half an hour or so on the hot air balloon and enjoy the view of the fort and the pink city, so called because of the pink painted buildings and houses of the city giving a dewy illusion. Apart from these, one could enjoy time by boat, in Jaipur, Agra or Delhi.

See The Beautiful Lakes:

Luxury, royalty, and aristocracy have always been In the golden triangle tour, we can enjoy the view of the beautifully flowing bodies of water in the cities, whether man-made or natural. The pink city Jaipur will be the best place to find lakes and calm waters. The lakes present in Jaipur are Man Sagar Lake, over which the iconic palace of “JAL MAHAL” solemnly enjoys its dominion. If you want to explore Jaipur only we have good option for you. Choose the best Jaipur sightseeing tour package.

The beautiful hills surrounded in the landscape make it more eye-pleasing and beautiful to look at. Both Delhi and Agra are located on the banks of the holy Yamuna River which is a tributary of the Ganges. These also create a wonderful sight. Also, especially when cruising the backwaters of Yamuna and watching the white marbled beauty “THE TAJ MAHAL” and capturing them in our cameras. Bodies of water are a beauty created by God himself, and its brilliance and borders make the landscape of any city, country or village more sumptuous.

Fairs and Festivals:

Fairs and festivals are necessary in daily life, when one is bored with the same boring daily life; we need recreational activities to feel joyful and happy. In the Golden Triangle Tour we will visit the three most colorful and amazing cities in India. The fairs and festivals of the cities of the circuit of the golden triangle are the following: In Delhi: there is Qutub Festival; it is a godsend for classical dance and music.

 The mango festival takes place in Delhi in July to celebrate the national fruit, then there is Safdarjung crafts mela, the fair where potters, painters, makers of handicrafts, come collectively from all over the country to display case their talent. and Delhi auto expo, which is automotive related. In Agra, there are two main festivals, one being the Taj mohatsav and the other Ram Barat. Taj Mohatsav, is a spring welcome event in the month of February for 10 days, it is organized for artisans, painters, sculptors and artists to showcase their talent and sell their wares at the fair. Ram Barat takes place in October, before the Hindu festival of Dussehra; it is a very colorful and enjoyable fair for the Hindu community.

 However, Rajasthan is a bucket of all festivals in India. Also, only one of them takes place in Jaipur, Elephant Fair; it is a crossroads of major festivals, it highlights the importance of the elephant during the Hindu festival Holi. People ride on the elephants and play with the colors and also dance and sing to enjoy the auspicious festival.

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