How do human hamster balls perform?

How do human hamster balls perform?

Human hamster balls are often referred to by the name of Human Bubble ball, or the OGO (Outdoor Gravity Orb). It’s a sphere that is made of transparent plastic and used in the game of Zorbing. The person inside could be in this sphere and then roll down a hill for enjoyment, or slide across water surfaces, as well as be pulled around by jet ski.

Human hamster ball in harness

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about human balls for hamsters (types and variations. ) and discuss celebrities who human hamster balls through the press, as well as provide you with a place to purchase your own hamster ball made by a human, and also reveal a bizarre commercial that some advertisers pulled with one of those giant inflatable balls (you wouldn’t have thought that they could think of anything!)

Human hamster balls are utilized for a variety of games and activities and you can learn more about them here. The huge inflatable spheres are great fun. However, you should know that there’s more to these balls than meets the eye. Let’s dig a bit more deeply, and then tell you more about them.

Human Hamster Ball Structure

The ball is comprised of two pieces with one ball in the other, and an air layer between. They are connected with a intricate web made of wires in nylon. In some cases, there are more than 300 threads that connect them. This design protects the rider from harm as it functions as a shock absorber which helps to cushion bumps on the ride. Contrary to the traditional hamster ball, composed of a rigid material the human-hamster ball is made of malleable soft plastic that is extremely light. The plastic is generally about 0.8 millimeters (0.03 inches) thick.


The typical size of balls is around 3 meters (10 feet) across. In one instance, Nissan put one of their cars into the largest of custom-made human hamster ball, and then carried it down a hill to create an promotion in the name security. In any case, for the most common balls the size of the sphere inside is typically 2 meters (6 7 inches or 6 feet).). The space of about 50cm (20in) between two spheres constitutes an air cushion. The inner and outer spheres are connected through nylon strings. Human balls of hamsters have either one or two tunnels.

Human hamster balls of various types

There are two kinds of spheres available currently. One uses straps to keep the rider’s position (such as the one shown on right at the top). The other type allows the rider to move freely to move the ball around or be tossed around freely through the motion of rolling. The second can be filled with water, so that the person inside glides around in the water, while the human ball rolls downhill

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