How to Arrange a Road Trip in Georgia?

How to Arrange a Road Trip in Georgia?

Are you gearing for the trip to the most hospitable southern state of Georgia? It is known for its beaches, beautiful state parks, and its place in national history. So it is pleasant to have a road trip there. We will tell you how to arrange it, rent a van, and have fun in the land of farmers’ markets and Coca-Cola motherland. But, first, let’s go over a few actions you have to do!

Dream about the route. 

You might have the places you want to attend. Georgia has different activities and options to do for literally all tastes. Maybe you want to see the Atlanta History Center? Or, perhaps you prefer to drink tea on National Sweet Tea Day? It takes place on June 10th annually. Or maybe you all are TV series fans? No way you miss the chance to attend behind-the-scenes at Atlanta Movie Tours, home to the Hunger Games and Stranger Things. Or you might want to see locations from the Gone with the wind movie? You may attend van rental in Columbus, GA, and rent a car to go to Savannah and Atlanta. Discuss cities with your team who are gearing with you and determine the exact locations you can not miss.

Write down itinerary

That is a more technical question than the first one. Check the destinations, choose the time frames, arrange apartments or motels, and determine if you need to rent a car. The optimal time to preorder tickets, room, or a vehicle is two weeks ahead of your trip. See what extra bonuses you may catch on your way. Perhaps, you will have a pickup location to take a rental car for a family 10 minutes away from your temporary home. By the way, avoid holidays and celebration dates to get lower prices.

Lists of things

Now you know where to stay and navigate, so you can determine what baggage you can take. If you have a group of travelers, divide all the required things among different people. Then, you will be responsible for one set of tools, while someone else will be in charge of a tent, for example. When you are at a van rental, you can order some required items like a baby seat or carrier for skiing on the rooftop.

Order your car

You will think this is a difficult task only if you worry about it or it is your first rental service. However, when you compare all the options properly, things come easier. Different prices, car classes, terms, and rules deviate from company to company. Yet, you may take a van if you have a huge family on the trip. Check the young driver’s policy, if you have the right to the car class, and the daily fee you need to pay. You will surely get a clean, reliable van with the best maintenance.

Collect the required documents

It is essential for the flight, your kids’ safety, and car rental services. Going for a trip, take care about taking insurance for all members. Come to the registration desk at Columbus Airport, Georgia, to accept your wheels, and show them printed documents. 

There is the main driver’s ID, driving license (you may need an international permit if you are a foreigner), and a credit card with enough money to cover both rental cost and deposit. The latter means the notion when your bank freezes some funds until your rental car usage is over. After the termination of the rental contract, you will get your money back on the account. Note that the card must belong to the registered driver. No one else can replace him with the proceeding with the payment.

Know about risky hazards

Georgia is great with its calm and warm weather year-round. However, this state has a high rate of annual tornado occurrence as long as it lies on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia tornado season peaks during springtime and sometimes during summer if tropical storms happen. Know as much as possible about it to avoid dangerous occasions.

Our simple but handy tips will help you cope with the task and arrange a memorable trip to Georgia, US.

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