How To Protect And Maintain Outdoor Furniture

How To Protect And Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture has to face changing weather conditions that can cause huge damage. If you live in those areas where extreme winds flow all the time then your furniture will be prone to getting damaged.

Although outdoor furniture pieces such as patio furniture or garden furniture are made with special attention that they could bear harsh weather conditions. Still exposing them to direct sunlight, rain, high winds, and other similar factors can cause huge damage. 

Keeping your furniture well protected is the first step to making it last long and retain all its beauty. Today, at Carpenter Centre, we’ve come up with a helping guide for those people who are concerned about this frequently experienced problem. You will learn the best ways to protect and maintain your outdoor furniture.

Best Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

There are different methods to protect your Outdoor furniture from getting damaged. We will focus on the best and easiest ones that you can apply without facing any difficulty. Let’s discuss all of them one by one:

Apply Covers

The best way to protect your Outdoor furniture is to cover them properly. This will help you to make them clean as well as protect from UV rays. Whenever you are going to get cover for your outdoor furniture, you must take proper measurements of it. If you don’t get the perfect cover for your furniture then it would be a waste of time and money because it will not protect your furniture properly.

Use Water Shield & Spray-On Sun

In this modern era most of the outdoor furniture is made up of the fabric that is water and sun repellent. If your Outdoor furniture doesn’t have this advantage then you can get a sun and water shield and apply it .This will help you to protect your furniture from UV rays coming from the sun. This will also repel the water drops if they fall on the surface.

Place Under The Shade

Try to keep your Outdoor furniture under the shade to protect it from extreme weather conditions. A huge umbrella would also be helpful for you. If you don’t want to do this then you can also install the permanent protection shaded structure to the area where your Outdoor furniture is placed. 

Apply Polyurethane

If you have wooden outdoor furniture then it is important to put a coat of polyurethane on the surface for protecting it from direct sunlight. This will also help you to maintain the natural beauty of wood furniture. Try to get that polyurethane that has the ability to block UV rays.

Keep It Inside When Not Frequently In Use

The best way to keep your Outdoor furniture safe and sound is to keep it inside if you don’t use it on a daily basis. This will make your Outdoor furniture protected from harsh weather changes. In the winter season you must avoid keeping your furniture in an outdoor area because the moisture and dirt can create mold and mildew in the wooden furniture. 

Use Right Cleaning Methods

Outdoor furniture requires regular maintenance, and you need to be careful about certain factors when cleaning any given furniture item. Some of the mainstream factors to take care of are avoiding the usage of harsh chemicals, vacuum cleaners with beater bars, or abrasive scrubbers, because all these factors can cause heavy damage to your outdoor furniture.

Clean It Regularly

The best way to keep your furniture protected is to clean it on a regular basis. It’s obvious when you take care of something then it will last for a longer time. This will also help you to get rid of the hassle of deep cleaning.

Protect Outdoor Furniture From Rain

Although the outdoor furniture is made in such a way that it can bear the harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t mean that you can directly expose it to the excessive rain for many hours. So, try to protect your outdoor furniture from the rain by installing shade, umbrella, or a permanent shield above it.

Store Cushions When Not In Use

Cushions are the first thing that can be easily damaged your Outdoor furniture. The best method to keep them protected is to store the cushions in a safe place when your Outdoor furniture is not in frequent use. 


This is all about how to protect and maintain your outdoor furniture. We hope that this helping guide would be beneficial for you and help you a lot in resolving all the issues related to the protection of Outdoor furniture. Try to apply all the methods mentioned above to get better results. This will not only keep your furniture protected but also increase its lifespan. Stay connected with us to get more helping guides like this.

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