Many of us are guilty of putting our feet through a great deal of torture and taking them for granted. Yet when our feet ache, we go into overdrive, trying to reverse the pain as soon as possible. If you have put your feet through a lot, you need time and consistency to experience lasting pain relief. Our feet do so much for us that we take them for granted, and giving them some much-needed care is essential to keep us going. The following are gentle ways you can soothe your feet. 

Try a natural remedy 

Resorting to traditional medication to ease pain in your feet is a quick way to fix things, but why not try the natural route and use CBD instead? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound from the cannabis Sativa plant species. This cannabinoid is unique because it is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC will not make you high or cause paranoia. The risk of overdose with CBD is nonexistent too.  

CBD has a long list of advantages. It can act as an anti-inflammatory tool and ease pain caused by chronic disorders such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. When you experience achy feet, try CBD to alleviate the pain. There are topical creams available to apply directly to your feet. You can also ingest THC Gummies sublingual for fast relief or try CBD gummies and capsules for more prolonged effects. 

Draw your feet a bath 

Bathing is such a comforting and old-school way of unwinding. Many of us do not have the time or the patience to sit in a bath anymore. But if your feet are aching, this is a great time to incorporate baths in your life, at least for your feet. Find a small tub that you can fill with warm water. Add some Epsom salt and soak your feet for at least twenty minutes. Once the bath is over, you can gently dry your feet and elevate them for another twenty minutes for proper rest. 

Get a foot massage 

If you spend a great deal of your day on your feet, then it is a good idea to invest in a monthly massage for your feet so they can get a thorough rub down and you can relax. If you go and get a pedicure, you can ask for a massage along with doing your nails, or you can go to a massage parlor and choose a reflexology massage that will target the discomfort in your feet and the rest of your body. Don’t wait for that monthly foot massage to give your feet some love. Ask your partner to massage your feet after a long day at work, or give yourself a foot massage while watching TV to release tension from your feet. 

Invest in the right shoes 

Fashion is not always comfortable, but if you find your feet are getting achy more times than usual, you should consider buying more comfortable shoes. Physiotherapists will tell you that flat or high-heeled shoes are not ideal everyday options. In contrast, a kitten heel or wedges are better for your feet. Often, we do not realize how uncomfortable our shoes are until we put on a pair of comfortable shoes.  

Sneakers can just as easily hurt your feet as high heels can. It is good to note that sneakers wear out after 400 to 500 miles of usage. If you are a runner or an active walker, you must invest in sneakers more often than a less active person so your feet can have the best support when you do strenuous exercise.

Stretching every day can take your feet a long way 

Stretching your feet is just as important as the rest of your body. One simple stretching exercise you can do is point your feet outwards for a few seconds and then bring your feet back to you for another few seconds. Try this stretching exercise ten times a day to relieve tension and strengthen the soles of your feet to tackle the long days ahead of you. 

Visit the local podiatrist 

Sometimes you need a professional to tell you how you can ease the pain in your feet. You might have a callus or a bunion that requires an experienced eye, or you need custom foot support to add to your shoes. A podiatrist can identify your issues and show your feet exercises and stretches that you can do to relieve pain and strengthen your feet for the challenges of your day. 

Prioritize rest 

The idea of resting and doing nothing feels like a sin in a world where productivity is applauded every day of the week. Although we are all busy and have goals and places to get to, it is vital to listen to your body. Pain is not a sign of weakness. This is just your body‘s way of telling you that you need to change your lifestyle or slow down so your body can keep up with you.  

Getting used to pain, any sort of pain is doable, but it should not be something that you do. Having to endure pain will only add more stress to an already busy life and put you in a bad mood. You deserve to live a comfortable life regardless of your lifestyle. 

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