Use Custom Frozen Food Boxes for Selling Frozen Food Products

Use Custom Frozen Food Boxes for Selling Frozen Food Products

If you’re in the business of manufacturing and selling frozen food products, you’ll want to use custom frozen food boxes to enhance the overall aesthetics of your products. To improve brand awareness, use vibrant, colourful printing. High-definition shades of colour also make the box more aesthetically pleasing. Frozen food boxes are also an excellent opportunity to share information about the company’s background, goals, and services. A few ideas are:

Chipboard boxes

Chipboard boxes are an excellent option for frozen food packaging. These boxes are available in white and an orange-brown business shade called kraft. Most businesses order printed boxes to include their company logo and contact information, but some home-based and small businesses prefer a plain white chipboard box. The white colour will match any gift wrap colour. Chipboard boxes are durable yet stylish and cost-effective. Contact us today to get start on your custom frozen food box design!

The Chipboard boxes for custom frozen food packaging are superior to quality materials. These boxes help protect the contents from being damag while on the road. For this reason, chipboard boxes are a perfect choice. Chipboard boxes can be coat to protect edibles from moisture or printed with high-quality finishing such as foil stamping and brilliant spot colours. Whatever your custom frozen food box needs are, you can find a perfect fit from Premiumcustomboxes.

Polyolefin shrink film

Consider using polyolefin shrink film for a more durable custom-printed frozen food box. This plastic material offers excellent clarity and strength while being relatively easy to run. It is produc by adding ethylene to polyolefin during the polymerization process. Polyolefin shrink film has three basic forms:

  • A glossy or matte finish
  • A smooth or rough surface
  • A 100 per cent recyclable version

Food-safe plastic film that has replaced in many packaging applications. It is available in different properties, from high tensile strength to outstanding clarity. Excellent choice for high-speed packaging applications because it resists tackiness and builds up on sealing components. If you’re using a shrink-shrink film to seal a custom frozen food box, check your suppliers’ specifications and choose a supplier that offers pre-perforated products.

High barrier thermoforming film

For frozen food box manufacturers, the most effective way to prevent contamination is to use high-barrier thermoforming film. The film has excellent thermal and barrier properties and is dense enough to prevent leakages and moisture seepage. High barrier thermoforming film is widely use in packaging meat, dairy, confectionery, and beverages. The film can maintain its form and functionality even when temperatures drop below zero.

The high barrier thermoforming film offers superior strength, puncture resistance, ultra-glossy sheen, and excellent smell, taste, and ultraviolet light protection. The film is available in different gauges and is design to meet various packaging needs. The process freezes food products quickly and without destroying their cell structure. The food is wrapp in polyethylene film and sent through a blast freezer to reach about 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The finish product is then shipp to the frozen food section of supermarkets.

Die-cut window style

The die-cut window style is the most common for custom frozen food boxes. It features a Kraft base and lid with ample room for marketing your product. This style also promotes quick sales. It can effectively distinguish the freshness of the product. Aside from being visually appealing, it improves branding and connectivity. Aside from this, it is a highly effective way to market your product.

Several types of custom frozen food packaging are available, including display styles, die-cut window styles, sea-end bottom styles, and tear-away-strip styles. Each style has its benefits and uses, and all can accommodate a variety of foods. The seal-end style is your best option if you’re selling frozen foods. Because it provides the greatest protection for your products and offers exciting design features. A tear-away-strip style may be a better choice if you’re selling other types of frozen goods.

3-Seal Pouch

Customized 3Seal pouches are a flexible packaging option that is resealable and similar to a box. The airtight nature of these pouches protects the contents from outside environments, maintaining quality for longer. In addition, transparent bags let customers see what’s inside before they buy. This makes them ideal for packaging liquids or products that need to keep a constant temperature.

Whether your product is in a freezer. On a shelf, or in a retail store, the 3Seal Pouch is the perfect solution. These flexible packaging pouches are made of material and are a cost-effective, convenient alternative to rigid cardboard boxes. They are flexible enough to hold various products and are available in various sizes and barrier levels. Choose a pouch with a small opening to hold smaller items or a larger one to fit larger products.

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