What Equipment Is Used In A Physics Lab?

What Equipment Is Used In A Physics Lab?

Physics is one of the most complex and fascinating fields of study, requiring a lot of specialized equipment for proper research. The specialized and technical equipment is provided by Atico Export, the leading name in the Physics Lab Equipment manufacturers category.

Physics is the study of the physical world. In a physics lab, you’ll use equipment to study physical phenomena, such as light, sound, gravity motion and many more. Physics Lab Equipment manufacturers provide all kinds of physics lab equipment that serve the exact purpose for which they are manufactured.

Need of Physics Lab Equipment By-Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers

  • In a physics laboratory, equipment is essential for carrying out experiments. It includes things like microscopes, lasers, and other measuring devices. In fact, without the right equipment, it can be challenging to do even the simplest of physics experiments.
  • Physics lab equipment helps the students understand the relationship between action and reaction, which is impossible with the traditional classroom setup.
  • The right lab equipment allows effective grasping of physics concepts. It leads to progressive learning.
  • When young minds are directed toward science, the scope of their contribution to advancements in science increases.

Physics Lab Equipment Suppliers

The equipment used in a physics lab can vary depending on the studied discipline. Still, most labs typically contain items such as a power supply, beakers, Bunsen burners, microscopes, and other measuring devices.

Physics Lab Equipment Suppliers supply the most comprehensive range of physics lab equipment to schools and colleges worldwide.

This article will examine what equipment is manufactured and supplied by Physics Lab Equipment Suppliers. The following equipment and purpose are commonly used in a typical physics lab. For the detailed Physics Lab Equipment list with price, it would be best if you visit our website.

Following is the must-have list of physics laboratory equipment:


  • A resistor is a crucial component of physics lab equipment that impedes the passage of electric current through it.
  • The resistor can have different capacities and resistances according to its construction by physics lab equipment manufacturers.


  • A rheostat is one of the most widely used laboratory equipment in physical science, engineering and related fields.
  • It is a device used to control the intensity of electrical current passing through it by mechanically rotating a small disk to alter its contact resistance with the circuit.


  • The multimeter is an electronic instrument used to measure electrical resistance, voltage, or current.
  • It can be used either as a portable device or mounted with a stand. Multimeters are commonly found in electronics labs and science classrooms.


  • A voltmeter is a physics laboratory instrument used to measure electric potential.
  • It can measure values between zero and 9999, with a resolution of 0.1 volts.
  • The voltmeter helps measure and understand voltage in physics lab equipment. Contact Physics laboratory equipment exporters if you are looking for high-quality physics lab equipment to be exported to your country at the most suitable prices.


  • An Ammeter is a tool for measuring an electrical current passing through a circuit. It is used in physics labs to measure voltages and currents.
  • Ammeter by physics lab equipment manufacturers is a high-precision voltmeter with a precision of 0.1 millivolts. It has an analogue display and a digital readout, suitable for use in chemistry, physics and electrical engineering.


  • The galvanometer measures changes in a conductor’s electric current by converting electromagnetic waves into an electric current, then back again.
  • The galvanometer’s primary function is to measure the intensity of the magnetic field.

Battery Eliminator

  • A battery eliminator is a device that substitutes the power of a battery with an alternative energy source.
  • The battery eliminator is a device that is used in physics labs. It eliminates all the problems and risks that arise when batteries are in use, like short-circuiting, leaks and toxic gasses.

Meter Bridge With Pencil Jockey

  • Meter Bridge With Pencil Jockey is a new unit concept for measuring work, energy, or power. It’s a new way to do measurements and avoid errors in calculation by using the same principle used for measuring electricity.
  • It helps to find the unknown resistance of a coil or any other material.

OHM’s Law Apparatus

  • OHM’S LAW APPARATUS is a physics lab equipment used to measure the current/electricity.
  • OHM’S LAW APPARATUS is a necessary and valuable tool for students, researchers and professionals in physics lab equipment. It is used to measure the impedance of a conductor or the conductance of an electrolyte, which are the basic parameters of ohm’s law.

Magnetic Compass

  • A magnetic compass is a small hand-held compass that can accurately point in any direction. It is used in experiments and studies of physics, astronomy, geography, maps and the military.
  • It has been widely accepted by professionals and is being exported worldwide by physics laboratory equipment exporters in different industries such as surveying, navigation, construction, magnetic measurements, etc. Learn about tweakvip and Olivia lubis Jensen


  • Prism is a piece of high-quality and easy-to-use lab equipment for physics. Prism is designed to help scientists, researchers, engineers, and students quickly achieve their goals.
  • It has high-quality glass, which is necessary to accurately measure light spectrums, and it can be used as an optical device or even a spectrometer News.


  • The pendulum is essential lab equipment in any physics lab with a horizontal arm and a weight hanging from the end of it. It can measure acceleration, speed, and energy.

Tuning Fork

  • TUNING FORK is a simple device that can improve your lab’s performance. It is a fork with a bent tine attached to a metal spring mechanism.

Vibration Generator

  • The vibration generator is a device used to measure the vibration of an object.
  • It is also widely used in research labs and physics courses as a teaching tool.
  • The vibration generator is a device that produces a vibration by instantaneously discharging a high-voltage electrical current.

There is more equipment on this physics lab equipment list. The list is vast, and it would be exciting if our clients visited our website. The website can view the detailed physics lab equipment with the price. The physics lab equipment is an integral part of every school lab. Make an investment with a physics lab equipment manufacturer for the most superior quality physics lab equipment.

Physics Laboratory Equipment Exporters

The Physics laboratory equipment exporters export the physics laboratory equipment by categorizing it into the following:


Contact us per your requirements of any specific or all equipment, and it shall be dealt with expeditiously and excellently.

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