What is the Australian Protection Visa, and how does it process?

What is the Australian Protection Visa, and how does it process?

The Protection Visa Subclass 866 is an Australian visa for a person currently residing in Australia and wants to be protected. Having an 866 Visa, you may qualify to become an Australian citizen.

866 Visa is a type of permanent visa that Australia grants to people who may be in danger in their home countries. It is for those refugees who want to seek asylum.

To be considered for this visa, the applicant must be legally present in Australia at the time of application.

Who is a refugee?

A person is a refugee under Section 5H of the Migration Act 1958 if they are:

“Beyond the country of his or her nationality and unable or unwilling to utilize oneself or herself of that country’s protection due to a well-founded fear of persecution.”

Visa 866 Cost

The application cost for an 866 Visa is AUD 40, according to the Department of Home Affairs.

Who can apply for a Protection Visa?

To be issued a Protection Visa, you should be determined to be compliant with Australia’s protection requirements, which can be demonstrated by the fact that you:

1. Meet the definition of a refugee as set form outlined in the 8 Migration Act; or

2. Meet the legal requirements of Australia’s supplemental protection arrangement, as outlined in the Migration Act 1958.

Eligibility Requirements for Protection Visa 866

You must meet the requirements stated by the government to qualify for the Protection 866 Visa. The requirements are as follows:

  • Character and health requirements should be met.
  • Visa holders should have valid visas.
  • To apply for an 866 Visa, you must fit the complementary protection criteria or be a refugee.
  • Applicants must meet the visa requirements, such as not being a national of two or more countries or having protection from a third party. In addition, they must not have had a rejection of a protection visa during their last visit.
  • Must not have any of these visas: temporary humanitarian concern subclass 786, temporary haven subclass 449, haven enterprise subclass 790, or temporary protection subclass 785.
  • You must also satisfy security requirements.

What does Protection Visa let you do in Australia?

Visa holders with the Protection Visa are allowed to:

  1. It allows you to remain in the country indefinitely.
  2. You are free to pursue your studies and work for the Australian government.
  3. You can also attend English proficiency classes for free with Subclass 866 for 510 hours.
  4.  If you meet the criteria, citizenship can also be applied.
  5. You can access government health care facilities like Centre Link and Medicare.
  6.  After five years, it’s easy to travel back home.
  7. Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence; and
  8. The Offshore Humanitarian Program allows you to finance the permanent residence applications of your family members.

Who cannot apply for Visa 866?

You won’t be able to apply for a valid permanent protection visa if:

  1. You have been denied a visa 866 since your last visit to Australia.
  2. You have had your visa 866 canceled since your last visit to Australia.
  3. You are a dual citizen of two or more countries, or
  4. Take refuge in a designated safe third country.

Processing Time for Protection 866 Visa

866 Visa application does not have a specific processing time. When the application is filed, 3 to 4 months can be taken. The Immigration Department of Australia is dedicated to processing your application within a reasonable time. Although different factors can be involved, which can delay the processing, such as incomplete documents, not filing required details, or you are not giving replies to the queries.

Travel Restrictions for Protection 866 Visa

You cannot travel to the nation from which you are requesting protection if you have a protection visa 866. If you have a definite cause to visit your country, you must first obtain authorization from the Australian government.

This limitation is imposed on all members of your family, which your application claims.  Your visa and the visas of your family members may be withdrawn if you return to your native country without authorization. However, Immicard allows you to travel without having a passport.


Seeking Asylum is a human right. The Australian government welcomes refugees, migrants, and other foreign visitors who can also work with companies in Australia.

 Visa 866 holders are allowed to live wherever they want in Australia. You are free to enroll in any program of study in Australia. Furthermore, If the refugees meet the standards for subclass 866, they will be granted Australian citizenship.

Are you a refugee looking for a safe place in Australia and want permanent residency? Then apply for Protection 866 Visa, which is the perfect choice for the refugees.

For more details regarding Visa application and processing, you can consult us at the Migration.

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