Which video game has the most sequels?

Which video game has the most sequels?

Discover the 7 sagas with the most games in the history of video games.

Many video game sagas have an exceptional longevity. These licenses make us live great moments since their beginnings, and some of them manage to place one or several episodes among the best video games of all times.


Longevity is one thing, but gamers are still more fond of licenses that don’t wait 10 years between each release of a new game. This is the case of the 7 sagas we are going to talk about, which have the highest number of games.

The total number of games in the sagas we are going to talk about here is about 600 games. So there is a good chance that you have already played at least one of them. If you haven’t, we advise you to take a closer look at these monuments of video games. Some of the licenses presented here should make their comeback in 2022 with a new opus. Discover now the 7 sagas with the highest number of games in the history of video games.


Dragon Quest (43 games)

The Dragon Quest saga is more than thirty years old. It is also known as Dragon Warrior in the United States. Dragon Quest was a pioneer in its field, and has influenced many role-playing games, including the fabulous Final Fantasy saga. Each episode sells millions of copies.

Bomberman (60 games)

Bomberman is a series of video games that appeared in the 1980s in which the player embodies a character who drops bombs in a combat arena. The objective of Bomberman games is to move a character in a maze: all the characters enclosed between these walls drop bombs to destroy obstacles, but also and especially to eliminate their opponents. Of course, it is the only survivor who wins the game.

Bomberman may not speak to the youngest among you. However, few sagas have as many titles as this party game, about 60 since the first episode.


Pokémon (63 games)

Pokémon is now one of the most notable and influential franchises in popular culture. And it was in 1996 that Pocket Monsters Red and Green was released in Japan, the first video game that launched no less than eight generations of characters.

This year 2022 has already offered us three Pokémon games. With more than sixty games, the saga is one of the best provided of all times.

Sonic (80 games)

80 is the number of Sonic games that exist to date. And a new open-world title is coming in the next few months, a first for the series. Sonic Frontiers promises to rekindle the flame among fans of the blue hedgehog.

Final Fantasy (95 games)

The 16th numbered episode of Final Fantasy is being desired by the fans. Fans who have certainly played more than sixteen opuses of the license, because all episodes together (counting spin-offs like World of Final Fantasy or Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin), the license counts about 95 games.

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Mega Man (100 games)

The Mega Man license has been more discreet for a few years now, but it is still one of the cult sagas of video games. Capcom has offered us about 100 games, many of which are among the best platform games of all time.

Mario (120 games)

As a matter of course, Mario is the license with the most episodes in the history of video games. With 120 games to which he gives his name, Mario is known to everyone, gamer or not. If we count the number of games in which he appears without lending his name, we easily reach 200 titles where the Italian plumber appears.
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