Why Use Explainer Videos For E-Learning?

Why Use Explainer Videos For E-Learning?

Ever since the pandemic, e-learning has become a prominent trend in conducting classes and any other types of information. An explainer video is a great learning tool that any business may use for a variety of purposes. As the name suggests, incredible explainer videos turn complex ideas into snackable chunks in the most fun way possible.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the use of explainer videos for e-learning. Along with that, we’ll be sharing some effective ways how you may elevate your e-learning via top-notch explainer videos.

Why are explainer videos so effective?

Explainer videos have been with us for over a century. Thus, its effectiveness in comparison with other forms of learning material is proven. There’s a lot to consider when you think to use explainer videos as a business training or learning tool.

Other than that, educational explainer videos open up a mass of opportunities for your business. We’ve listed some of them below.   

  • An important tool for developing both soft and hard skills, training, and retraining
  • Attracts and retains the audience
  • Help understand new and complex information
  • Incorporate different types of marketing/learning materials including text, diagrams, schemes
  • Demonstrate real-life phenomena that are hard to understand such as experiments

Thus, there’s no doubt in the fact that video can not only be used for entertainment but also educational purposes. Today, many explainer video companies work for the production of educational videos for schools, and offices—in short, businesses of all types.

Types of video formats

The variety of available video formats has been greatly expanded by modern technological advancements and the popularity of video production, including screencasts, educational animation, studio filming, cartoons, etc. Some of these video formats require a good budget and time along with the help of an expert explainer video company in USA.

However, more resources don’t mean you’ll have a top-notch video. Explainer video creation calls for a well-organized and streamlined production process. For example, setting an education goal, budget, and production time. Below, we examine the most popular categories of instructional videos that could improve your e-learning and a variety of other corporate operations.

How do explainer videos elevate your e-learning?

Here are the 5 ways you can strengthen your learning process via these top-notch types of explainer videos.

Animation videos

Includes instructional animation videos created with the help of animation tools. To produce high-quality videos, you’ll require a professional’s help. Whereas, for simple animation, you may utilize an animation tool. Videos in the video scribing format are included in the same category which demonstrates a concept/material by drawing a picture of it.

Responsive infographics are another extremely specialized sort of animation that you may use. They are intended to communicate the significance of numerical data and to make numbers more understandable and visually appealing. Data infographics use illustrations and other visual cues to clarify ideas and meanings. They’re beneficial to draw attention to and pique interest in a topic.

Interactive videos

Any sort of video falls under this category as long as the viewer can engage actively, such as by responding to a question or selecting an option to do so, or by otherwise influencing the course of the video. In short, these videos allow the viewer to control what to do next.

Interactive videos in education are a tool that lets students interact with recorded lectures or information clips by responding to in-line questions.

Video demonstrations

The purpose of the video demonstration is to demonstrate what occurs in many settings, including nature, a laboratory, a manufacturing facility, a workplace, an online calculation model, etc.

The most typical applications are demonstrations of physical, chemical, and biological investigations, animal behavior, anthropological observations, equipment operation, safety procedures, sales methods (persuasion, work with objections), and many more.


A screencast is a recording of what is displayed on a digital device’s screen. Voice remarks, screen annotations, and camera recordings might all be included. It’s a fairly common type of data visualization that is used in demonstrations, directions, manuals, etc.

It has a huge impact on education all over the globe. Besides, educators can avail of its benefits by quickly recording lectures along with real-time audio and video of their instruction.

Studio video lectures

The most appealing videos are those that have talking lecturers outlining the subject. The lecturer’s image can be positioned in the video in a variety of ways, such as next to the presentation, behind a glass board where the lecturer takes notes and records information, close-up, frame-within-a-frame, against the background of the board with explanations, etc.

Apart from these 5 ways stated above, there are plenty of explainer video application cases as effective e-learning and business communication tools. Make sure to benefit from it all.

Explainer videos are an essential e-learning tool

The world is continuously changing, and so is how people teach and learn. Early in 2020, when pandemics began to spread globally, we saw a surge in the implementation of e-learning. A significant component of e-learning is the way the materials are presented, which also heavily relies on digital support. One of the best methods for e-learning assistance that promotes fun and efficient retention is an explainer video.

The creation of explainer videos aid in achieving top-notch business and communication results through:

  • The effectiveness of the instructional video’s explanations
  • Quicker perception of video formats
  • Accessibility to both adults and children
  • Scripts that are intriguing and compelling, plus much more

Thus, it’s no hidden fact that an explainer video is a powerful e-learning tool and will continue to be so. It’s much more flexible than other learning mediums and helps absorb information quickly and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Last but not the least, both students and teachers can benefit from using explainer videos in e-learning. Whereas, the explainer video style you choose relies on your objectives as well as the budget. The best approach is to choose the style of video that would have the greatest educational impact while staying within the allocated budget.

Plus, when it comes to how you may implement it, the sky’s the limit! Also, don’t hesitate to take the help of a professional explainer video animation company for making the most out of your video.